Creativity: the “Something’s Missing” Voice

The world is changing rapidly, right before our eyes. Some of the smartest people say that soon you will not even be able to imagine the technology as it is released because things are developing so quickly. But what is happening to your ability to be creative during all of this?

On one hand, you have more opportunities to be creative than ever. You can get applications to do art on your phone, you can make computer graphics with more sleek options than ever before. On the other hand, everyone is watching. Everyone is trying to connect. Everyone can tell you if they like it or not with the click of a button, anyone can call you and potentially interrupt your creative mood because your phone is constantly on. You don’t have to have someone visit you to show them the painting you were working on for days, you can stick it online with a click and instantly show this vulnerable part of yourself to friends who you haven’t spoken to in years. And rarely do you have the peace and quiet that can sometimes allow your creative voice to speak loud and clear.

When is the last time you sat down and just drew a picture  for fun, without thinking of how others would judge it? When’s the last time you made a piece of jewelry, cooked a meal with random ingredients, or made a sculpture out of things you were going to throw away? These fundamental forms of self-expression are critical for your mental and emotional health. Not everything you do has to be pass or fail; not everything you do has to be for a goal that is set by others and judged through the lens of society. Even if you have some creative input at your job, this may not be enough. Sometimes your creativity wants to talk to you and only you; wants to help you make something that the whole world doesn’t need to immediately see and judge.

It’s good to play. To play without any goal, without any intentional effort being placed on making others happy. If you have that feeling like you haven’t really been alive in awhile, it just might be your inner creativity saying that it needs to spend some quality time with you, and only you. If you have been indulging that creative voice and allowing it freely exist each day, then good for you! Talk about it with your friends and make sure that those you are close to have some time each day to be creative, to step outside their routines and create something new. The process of creativity itself can nourish that part of ourselves that tells us, “This is it, we are alive, and nothing is missing from this moment.”


2 thoughts on “Creativity: the “Something’s Missing” Voice

  1. this is why i’m incredibly careful with what I share which makes the “everybody” factor very, very small. that way i can just enjoy doing what i want to do without it being under the scrutiny of people who don’t matter anyway. 🙂

    i like this. very well written.

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