Expanding into New Territory

Last night I had a dream that I had made a site based on writing articles for good people, and had found happiness.

Today I made that site, with the help of my amazing friend April Holman, and now it is ready to send its little feelers out into the world.


This is my new site, I would love for people to spread the word about it to their friends and family who are trying to get their sites off the ground. If their sites have to do with healing, in almost any way shape or form, more than they do with making money, then I would love to help them.

The problem with a master plan is that it involves lots of little plans.

My goal is to make those as fulfilling as possible, each step of the way.

I am starting by offering articles for people, so that they can get their sites to be full of useful content related to their fields of interest. Although I want to keep putting energy into this blog, I also need to make a living and continue to learn about the healing arts. Without the motivation of working for others, I find it hard to study the nuances of Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism and meditation that I so adore.

That is why I am posting this here, to help spread the word about my new project. I hope the information finds you well, and do not worry, I will continue to make posts that are hopefully useful to someone, somewhere.


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