Procrastination: Why Does it Taste Better Than Chocolate to a Half-Hearted Vegan?

How could you not get work done?

So as I found myself researching about what Freud would think about procrastinating while I was supposed to be working, I figured it might be a good idea to blog about it.

Why does it feel so good to do those things that we know we shouldn’t be doing, especially and potentially only when we shouldn’t be doing them?

Making a blog post feels much more satisfying when I know I should be working. Looking at pictures of 3-D sidewalk art feels much the same way. So does exploring what the people I don’t even know on Facebook have been up to. Why is this?

I guess it could come down to a balance between the pleasure principle and the superego. Or the relationship between Mugen and Jin if you want to get all Samurai Champloo about it.  I’m not really sure, because I had to put off my Freud study-time in order to make this blog post, and my anime time doesn’t come till later on in the evening.

I feel that for me, the beauty of the situation is that you get to be in two places at once. You get to be the person who feels like they should be doing something important, and also the person who is doing something very un-important and loving every second of it. You get to be the kid that is making art instead of eating dinner. You get to be the teenager who stayed out past the curfew, fearless of the consequences. You get to break every rule that was made for you, except you are now the maker and the breaker.

You have it all.

It’s the cartoons that happen during the school day instead of the ones on Saturday morning. It’s the dessert you eat for breakfast. It’s the ball that you sink into the pocket after a slick combo move that you didn’t even plan, and you didn’t even need to call it cuz the other players weren’t playing with those rules.

There is something straight-up good about the things that you get to do while breaking the rules. And how does this relate to enjoying life for once? In every single way.

Pay attention to your rules. Pay attention to the ones that you never even thought of breaking, because maybe, just maybe, there is an intense enjoyment to be found there. Not in the ones that society lays out for you, because that’s not where the problem lies. The rules I’m talking about are the ones that you have laid out for yourself, and the ones that no one else may really even notice.

Because what are rules but arbitrary, when you really get down to it? I mean, murder is wrong, but nobody can watch True Grit without feeling a sense of deep satisfaction when you-know-who is finally pushed off of a you-know-what. That’s right. I’m not into spoilers. The point is that the rules we live by are relatively arbitrary, and they can all be broken in good taste once in awhile.

And when you can label the silly rules that you put on yourself, then you can learn how to break them. Maybe it’ll feel real good, maybe it’ll make you feel free. Perhaps you will be. Maybe you can even taste life on the other side, and then take the whole issue to the supreme court of your own mind. Bring it through the legislation. Legalize some of the behaviors that you previously deemed off-limits for yourself. Throw out some of the restrictions that only made sense twenty years ago. And learn to live free, because you are the only one enforcing those rules.

At the same time, enjoy a healthy dose of procrastination as long as you are paying your bills. Some rules have to just be there…like the whole ‘working to make a living’ one.

Side note: Me and Freud have the same birthday.


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