Six Morning Intentions to Reduce Bad Moods & Increase Mindfulness

Learn from the dogs.


Ever since I stopped smoking I have been in a much better mood upon awakening. Even still, I like to have a few intentions that I make before I get out of bed. They help me to feel grounded and to remember that living a mindful existence is much more nourishing than constantly escaping the present moment. I would like to share some of them with you guys, in case you can benefit as well.

~Today I will look at my face for at least 3 seconds in the mirror without any judgement whatsoever. I will try to do this at least 3 times during the day.

~Today I will let a few voids exist without filling them with technology. I will try to pet the dog instead of checking Facebook at least a few times today.

~Today when I drink my first cup of water, I will take my time and acknowledge as I take each sip the fact that I am mostly made of it. I will ponder this until it temporarily freaks me out, and then I will know that I pondered it deeply enough.

~Today I will remember that things can happen one at a time, and they can even happen with a little space in between in which to appreciate the bigness of it all. I do not have to rush.

~Today as I eat meals and snacks, I will take at least a full minute beforehand. I will look at the food I am about to eat, and think about what it would take for me to make this food on my own. I will imagine growing the vegetables in the sun, I will imagine growing the wheat and pounding it into flower, I will imagine until I know that I cannot possibly fully imagine what goes into the food I eat, and then I will allow myself to feel gratitude for the thousands of pairs of hands and thousands of spirits that have contributed to the food I am eating, directly and indirectly. I will feel this gratitude and sense of connection as I chew, at least sometimes, today.

~Today if my computer freezes for a few minutes or my phone acts funny, I will pause before getting upset and realize that these are technological masterpieces, and a few extra minutes of waiting is nothing compared to the immense convenience that these things are offering me each and every day.

Now, I don’t fully verbalize all of these before getting out of bed, honestly. I sorta just think, “water, food, mirror, computer, rushing, dog-not-facebook.” I tend to make up new ones, but these are six keepers. The food one is particularly intense. I find that I do it each time I eat wasabi peas. I am still not sure how those are made, and wow, it would be intense to make them on my own. Having a sense of awe and appreciation for the things that we take for granted can be really nourishing. It can help us to stay awake and aware, and to help others to do the same.

I would love to know other little things that people do when they wake up to try and have a good day!


4 thoughts on “Six Morning Intentions to Reduce Bad Moods & Increase Mindfulness

  1. When I wake up every day, I think about the people that I may have interactions with and the ones that I wish I could. Appreciating the people in my life helps me remember what life is truly about.

  2. When I wake in the morning and throughout the day, I take a few moments to just breathe. If it’s in the morning then I just stare at the wall or ceiling and breathe. Throughout the day when I take a moment to just breathe I also empty my mind of whatever is actively in it, and just let it expand and wander, no focus. Thoughts drift in and out, to do lists form vaguely in the background, but that feeling of open is always nice.

    -Mr. B

    • I’ve been trying to do that more and more! It is amazing how much it helps, especially if the gears of your mind have been going non-stop. They need a little breather and then you can see how teeny and mutable the thoughts themselves really are, rather than the rocks they can feel like after enough time unchecked.

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