Turn Around, Mister Cricket! You’re Free!

I’m experimenting with a shorter blog post this evening.

Last night, a giant black Texas cricket got into the apartment. It was sitting there on the carpet, possibly trying to not jump because it saw the dog drooling. I ran over with a cup and piece of paper- the sissy way of getting a non-stinging bug outside.

I heroically (in my mind) moved the thing to the porch, and closed the door as much as I could while still getting my arm outside, and knocked over the cup while whipping my hand back into the house as fast as possible. As you can imagine.

While I watched it through the door to witness its fate, I saw that it was stuck in the bottom of the side-turned cup. All it had to do was to turn around and get out, into the open air, the free night, the huge field below. But it was obsessed with the bottom of the glass; with looking out at the barrier, and freaking out about it; jumping and struggling against nothing.

Huh. I thought. How often am I in that same position, without realizing it?

That is, that my world all of a sudden feels restricted and insane (someone putting me in a sissy cup & paper concoction), and then feeling trapped when all I have to do is turn around?

I’m not one to believe in the big-dude-in-the-sky God, but I do believe in something. At least, something that can nudge things into one direction or another. I couldn’t control that cricket’s every move; but I could get him outside of my living room. And I’m not a God, but I am bigger than him.

And that leads me to wonder:

How often do I need to just turn around in order to see theΒ  big open space, instead of assuming that the one barrier I see is the be-all-and-end-all of my freedom choices?

How often does a thing that acts as a trap in one situation turn into a simple shelter in another? What are the restraints that we get so used to, that we fail to even notice when they are gone?


23 thoughts on “Turn Around, Mister Cricket! You’re Free!

    • I’m hoping that the next time I feel trapped, I can think to myself, “so, if I was the person watching me in the cup right now…where would I be psychically telling me to turn?” and maybe it’ll work πŸ™‚ Also, I ordered the Bradbury book. I am so psyched.

        • Oh I bet!! I can’t wait till it arrives πŸ™‚ I’ll probably be quoting from it like crazy because what you wrote about letting the world blaze through you has been in my head a whole lot- it was immensely useful. I want to do more sharing-of-inspirational-quotes because of it!

    • That one was teamwork πŸ™‚ I wonder where that truck is right now…and how that hill is doing! Little does the driver know that his parking job created an analogy that got used hundreds of times πŸ™‚

  1. I’m right there with you- a cricket in a cup needing to turn around and work through problems before railing against the impenetrable barriers that life puts in my path. As Thomas Edison pointed out “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this- you haven’t.” we just need to pause and rethink things.

  2. Great little thoughtful post. I would truly hate to have to count or even admit how many times I’ve been that little criket trapped in the bottom of the cup. This all just makes me wonder if the criket isn’t all that smart, or more like me, just to stubburn to admit I went the wrong way?

    With that said: You know this would make a great little motivational story for smaller children if so decided you wanted to try to write it like that?

    • Wow what a great idea! A friend of mine just published a children’s book called “Ladybugs Can’t Be Tall,” maybe I’ll ask him to enlighten me on the process! Plus, here in Austin, the crickets have been just going bananas lately, so they could provide some auditory and visual inspiration for the pictures πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  3. Thank you for also for subscribing to my blog. I just want let you know that I don’t write nearly as much as I should and I’m way to picky about trying to get each blog as perfect as I possibly can. At any rate: I would love for you to look into the book idea and let me know in the future how it’s going? I really think the that criket of yours could be a long time memory for the wisdom of a child!

  4. “as much as you should” is completely relative- you write exactly as much as you need to I bet πŸ™‚ I am also working on a novel book, so honestly, I don’t know how committed I can be to the cricket book yet- but I will talk to my friend and see if he would be interested in working with me, since his drawings are absolutely divine. And then I will keep you posted! Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  5. Jennifer just a little thought here: I lost my job a year and a half ago and finding a new one is proving to be most difficult. I just wanted you to know that I thought about your little cricket all night long last night. I just can’t help but to wonder if perhaps it’s because I’m on the bottom of the glass and just need to turn around? Your little blog here may have been exactly what I needed to read at just the right time. I know you’re not one for thoughs messages from the great above coming just at the right time but you may be wrong about that!! Thanks again!

    • I’m so glad that you feel you have found it at the right time! I am an entirely thorough believer in things happening at the right time. That is what my novel is about- those everyday miracles that happen, and the crazy coincidences that we do not always even notice at the time that they happen, but that make perfect sense afterwards.

      Sometimes finding the exact way to turn around in the jar is hard, or at least it is for me, but you can do it; you just have to follow the scent of the fresh air!

      The cricket book idea that you started, I’ll have you know, is also in the works- I am going to collaborate with a close friend to make it happen! I am so excited to have something fun to work on besides the blog and the other book πŸ™‚

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