Creating Wider-Than-WordPress Community: Facebook Pages & Blog Awards

At first, I was very excited about my blog’s associated Facebook page. I have recently been trying to make it a better place for people who like the blog. Something about the constantly-displayed statistics seems to just make me want to keep improving. I considered making it a home for my blog awards.

Now I notice I’m having lots of questions about the point of the page to begin with. Maybe you guys feel similar things with your Facebook blog pages, or maybe you have some useful feedback for these questions.

Feelings About Blog Awards:

I love blog awards in some ways, especially when I get them from someone that I admire, or when they show me that someone really did appreciate our connection.

My problem is, embarassingly, partially one of aesthetics. For the most part, I don’t like how they look on the side of my blog. I’m sort of a control freak like that. Also, I am not a fan of having a post devoted entirely to questions.

Another control freak thing. Furthermore, and most importantly, I would feel bad about people that I didn’t nominate due to a faulty memory.

Back to the Facebook Question:

For these reasons, I was going to try and incorporate the WordPress blogging awards onto my Facebook page.

The idea was inspired by HeartMama nominating me and tagging my blog’s Facebook page via her Facebook page. I figured, why not get two birds and just put all my blog awards there, which would help me to accept them while still keeping the aesthetic of my blog and also putting more pretty things on the lonely Facebook page?Β  Then I realized a few problems.

  • Not all bloggers that nominate me have Facebook pages.
  • Not all Facebook fans would want to hear about awards.

This got me thinking about the value of the Facebook page in general and what my intentions are for it. Is it really helping me or my readers? Does it serve any purpose at all?

Values Of The Enjoy Life For Once Facebook Page

I see it as a way to share things more easily than through the blog. Instead of making a post about something and editing it eighty times, I can just put out a quick little blurb. Sometimes a couple of people even see them or like them. Fast, easy, relieving, rewarding.

Ideally, it would be a place to toss out ideas and see which ones are invigorating on a wider scale; to see which ones ring true, seem useful, or are valuable to people. Those would be useful reflections to help with creating a fulfilling and ultimately useful blog.

There is also an opportunity for conversation there. Instead of being a comment section of primarily WordPressers (as unbelievably awesome as you guys are), it is a comment section of people who are on Facebook too, and it also provides the opportunity for people to share their things in the form of a wall post. That seems pretty cool. Plus, if you aren’t checking your reader but are checking your feed, you can get a tiny dose of Enjoy Life for Once there.

Some people are wondering about that other bite-sized instant gratification site known as Twitter.

What About Twitter for Instant Writer’s Gratification?

My infatuation with Twitter is declining rapidly. It seems like a great place to share tidbits…but when it comes right down to it, posting anything there makes me feel like I’m trying to yell in a room of someone else’s toddlers. The few people I do care about are swallowed up by people I followed to be nice, and I feel bad unfollowing them all, so there we have it.

So I remain left with the question. What good is my Enjoy Life Facebook page serving, if any? Is there a way to generate more community there, where we can remember to be mindful in the face of the beast? That’s where I personally love having it.

Does your WordPress blog have an associated Facebook page, and is that working out for you? Can you leave a link in my comments so that I can find it if I haven’t yet? (sometimes that is hard for me even if I love your blog, I apologize)

Do you use the Enjoy Life Facebook page, and if so, what is the most useful thing about it to you, and do you have any ideas for improvements or things that would make you more likely to use it?

Are there blog-facebook hybrid resources that I just don’t know about?

Hope you all have a fulfilling weekend!

19 thoughts on “Creating Wider-Than-WordPress Community: Facebook Pages & Blog Awards

  1. I don’t have any recommendations for Facebook. I am starting to find the same thing with Twitter though. It’s just you and Jackie and Mama E that sometimes write to me and even that is sporadic. I pretty much just announce my blog posts on there. It brings the occasional new visitor. I think I got one subscription out of it. that’s it.

    Let ME know if you figure it out πŸ˜›

    • Oh Peaches, I will totally let you know if I figure it out! Haha I started using Twitter more once you were there, and then it just started to gradually feel icky again. But I’m still glad you are there, I did an @peaches thing today but deleted it before posting. Ah, well. Just got back from a strange techno concert thing and my ears are ringing like crazy…I did think about magnetic nailpolish during it…and I really do think I may have to get some soon…

  2. You nailed them all! I love being able to relate to things I read and this was a zinger! Especially all points about AWARDS. I am honored to receive them and touched by the ones touched by my work and yet I agree… I want to mention everyone and yet you are supposed to narrow it down to 15. Kind of like inviting only half your friends to your reception but everyone can come to the ceremony! I want everyone to be able to come but believe me after the effort of just one AWARD… it left me thinking… and why am I doing this? And am I even doing it right?. Which I am now postive I was not. I was thinking… I could be writing when I was cutting and pasting everyone’s addresses to something I am sure half of them did not see. Arghhh! I need someone to take me on a wordpress tour and fine tune my limited knowledge of what the heck I am doiing half the time here.
    Give me an idea to write about and I am fine…. but ask me to wade too far from the shore and I get jumpy!
    Great post! Thank you!

    • Haha I am so glad you liked it!
      I like your analogy of the ceremony and reception. I feel like there must be a graceful way to do the award thing, but I would probably stay up for hours that night thinking “Oh jeez, who did I forget? Did I accidentally insult someone by mistake?” and then I would feel quite conscious about which awards I accept and which ones I don’t; it’s so endless! But seeing a comment of someone else “getting it” is sometimes all I really thank you for that πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve just started a facebook thing – as a way of ‘reaching out’ with my blog – but I already think it will be more work than I want. I kind of like the smaller but more genuine community I have by way of only WP’ing. So FB and TWIT will probably just echo my post headings. It’s all too much work otherwise πŸ™‚

    • It seems I’m happiest when I do that too- just leave those two as ways to say “Hey look I made a new post!” Maybe that’s what it will turn into. The wordpress community is truly precious.

  4. Blog awards are a nice, encouraging tool for networking, for sharing interesting writers with other interesting writers who might not know each other. I’ve only won one, but for a few days it turned my blog into a lively mini-conference.

    I use Twitter as a headline feed for my online friends, not much more than that. As you intimated, the signal-to-noise ratio there is just crazy.

    I haven’t made a separate Facebook page for my blog yet, largely out of humility. It’s all the typical stupid fears — what if no one shows up? What if I look silly? Wouldn’t it just be redundant? And so on.

    • I agree about the benefits of the awards. It makes me wonder if perhaps I can combine them and make one post to take care of the ones that I never accepted- that may be good, it can be some type of bulk-award!

      • I’ve seen a few extra-beloved bloggers go through their backlog of award acceptances in a single post. (“I received such-and-such award, and also this award, and this award…”) That might be simpler than doing a whole chain of separate thank-you entries in a row. Then there’s the challenge of brainstorming your own 40-60 nominees…

  5. I enjoy the Facebook page Enjoy Life For Once because of the short tidbits. A lot of the times you will post something short that gets me thinking and then within a day or so you have a more fleshed out post about it. That helps me think about what the tidbit means to me and lets me digest it a little bit. Plus it helps remind me that you might have a new post coming out, even though I am subscribed (people need to be reminded of your awesomeness often).

    I agree that Twitter is redundant and silly. But people these days want to be “connected” in every way possible and if you have a blog/business, it can’t hurt to reach out to more people. Even if it is just one fan; that’s one more than before! And who knows who they will share your work with. Facebook feels like a better way to achieve that though.

    To sum up, I think you are awesome and no matter what you do your problems will be solved without solving anything.

    • Haha you are the greatest. It’s true; reaching people is good and these things do help that to happen.
      Your comment for some reason helped me to remember that my book and making a “platform” for it was one of the main reasons I started this at all, and now I realize how much I’ve learned about the art and business of writing through so many people that I’ve connected with via Twitter, Facebook, and especially WordPress.
      It’s strange that all these little clicks and tidbits really do add up in some ways!
      I am so glad that you like the things on the Facebook page. Knowing that you like them makes it that much more fun to write them!

  6. It’s all too confusing for me, so I just use Facebook and Twiiter (and LinkedIn) to announce new blog posts, and leave it at that. Love the Twitter as shouting-in-a-roomful-of-someone-else’s-toddlers analogy. Twitter makes ME feel as if I’m the only person no one knows at the loud, happy party and I want to find the bathroom but all I see are other people’s backs.

  7. I totally agree with you about twitter. I do have a Facebook page ( ) Since I just moved to WordPress a couple of months ago, I have a pretty small following. Which is OK for now. I have had some short conversations on Facebook which makes me feel closer to my readers. As far as posting the awards there, well I don’t know, but it feels out of place to me. Right now I mostly use it to show new post. When I post to the blog it will show there. I have not been to your page yet. Because I am working in Afghanistan it is difficult for me to spend much time on Facebook, so I am pretty limited to using the reader most of the time. This was a very good post. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for posting the link, Liz! I “liked” it with my blog. I think you’re right about not posting awards there..perhaps just having a greater amount of conversation between bloggers would be nice for those of us that spend too much time there. Hope you are well πŸ™‚

  8. I can see your point in linking your blog to a Facebook page.
    Yes, I did that, and I was so very successful and, no, I’m lying. I personally very rarely ever utilize Facebook due to the lack of interest that seems to orbit around my page.
    Although within your post you mentioned that your interest in Twitter is officially beginning to reach a negative conclusion, I have to admit that I on the other hand am a Twit. Wait, wrong word – I am a Tweeter, and I have found Twitter to be a far more popular avenue to convey my pieces on. After using Facebook primarily for one month to market myself and acquiring very little interest, I began to utilize Twitter – and acquired a lot more responses.
    I recognize that everyone has their own way of marketing which is successful for them, whilst for others the same style may not work.
    In regards to Twitter, I would recommend that if you use the hash-tags in regards to the most popular subjects at the very moment (there is a bar on the left that shows what kind of discussions are occurring), if you comment on TV shows (for instance, Q&A), join conversations, nominate people for #FF (because they’re awesome) and follow those who are considerably popular, you will begin to acquire more recognition.
    Also, I haven’t checked out your Facebook page yet. Yes, I know, I’m a horrible person! I ought to be punished severely – whipped; flogged; be hung by my entrails! I ought to be banished, for I do not deserve to live amongst you!
    BTW, Good luck for future social media ventures!

    • Hahaha thank you for the luck πŸ™‚ I will try to use those popular tags more, it does help to use tags in general, I am trying to get better at it!
      I have officially decided to not put blog awards on the FB page, because now that I think about it, it is quite silly given the current state of affairs. I will, however, make a post in the near future with awards and such.
      Thank you for your comments, as always, I am always happy when they show up in my little comment bar thing!

  9. Loved reading your post……I Love receiving awards and I always tie up the award receiving post with something interesting to read for my readers and I get appreciation….I am in love with the awards thing. It always make me realize people like me and It makes me happy to see lots of awards on my blog sidebar πŸ˜‰ Love your views about this thing……Love xx

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