Mini-Post: Bringing Life to the Dead Zones of Routine

I’m experimenting with a mini post. Life is all about trying new things, right?

Today Enjoy Life For Once’s Facebook status was:

Pick a routine today, especially a dull one. Doing the dishes, tidying the living room, packing your bag. Devote ten seconds of the time to just paying attention. Feeling the water on your hands, feeling your legs. Notice the colors, the sounds around you. Bringing fresh attention to the dead zones of your day is a great way to start making friends with the present moment, which is where your power to change is.

Do you ever try this technique? What kind of results do you see?

How many times during the day do you think that you are unaware of things where you could be more present?


For me, I noticed that when I spent time paying attention while doing the dishes, the routine became more enjoyable. I felt more collected afterwards, and even felt moved to clean up the living room a bit, noticing the weight of each pillow in an enjoyable way.

It was nice.

I would like to try doing that more often, since “doing the dishes” is one of those things I always assume will be horrible.

Are there routines that you despise, that you do begrudgingly, that could perhaps get some fresh life into them if they were less bothersome?



13 thoughts on “Mini-Post: Bringing Life to the Dead Zones of Routine

  1. I like your mini post. I generally like shorter stuff though, so I’m totally biased.

    Doing the dishes…i usually tune out but I sort of like that because it’s like my meditation time. I usually feel so plugged in, almost over stimulated, that sometimes doing mindless things is a good way to check out *and* accomplish something. But I’ll try to what you suggested next time.

    • Haha let me know how it goes. I think I could have explained it a bit better, now that I look back. I think I meant to try it on things that are specifically seen as “negative” in your mind and not natural tune-out time. Sometimes I tune out while doing dishes, and that’s great. But also paying gentle attention to my body while I tune out can also make it a really, really relaxing experience. Similar to the charged and calm feeling after a bubble bath, in a way!

  2. It’s true, joy is in the state of mind, not the task (to an extent, it’s hard to enjoy enslavement – even if only to an idea).
    Balance in all things. Switching on more is important, enjoying what is, not mourning what isn’t. But don’t neglect the value of being switched off! The mind in auto-pilot can rest, and from that state of ‘not intending’, inspiration and surprise can come šŸ™‚

    • I agree! I love turning off. But I feel there is a difference for me in doing a routine, and being sort of subtly resentful or rushing. Both of those things can get in the way of my inspiration šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for your words Jennifer – you make beautiful music and have beautiful thoughts! I have spent a lot of time with the writer Thich Nhat Hanh, who writes a lot about the same ideas, and I agree that spending time to really immerse yourself in the moment lead to great pleasures. I always realize that when I am getting depressed or anxious, it is because I have tuned out to what I am doing, and as such, life ends up losing its meaning. I spend so much time waiting for the “big moments” that I forget 99% of life are those beautiful and perfect “little moments.”

    • Ah, yes. Exactly. I love Thich Nhat Hanh. I would love the chance to spend time with him, that is very amazing. The “little moments” is a great way to say it, I’m going to use that in my brain today!
      Thank you for saying kind things about my songs šŸ™‚

  4. Mini Posting is a great idea; sometimes a paragraph or two is all that is needed to bring forth an idea, topic or outside happening. I work as a receptionist and I am also the assistant to our audiologist so I help up with hearing aids, this results in my washing my hands a lot, purell is my safety net, but I like to be germ free and today after reading your blog I noticed that the soap we have is a cranberry scent so I took a moment after washing to smell my hands, it was delightful, a simple thing to do but this little aromatherapy act uplifted a little part of me to make my day a little bit more enjoyable. Great post keep them up! Have a good weekend. CHEERS

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