Harness Your Inner Opposite Day!

The other day I had this thought, and it has turned out to be a really useful one.

To set the stage, it was late at night. I fell asleep reading in a cozy bed with a dog at my feet. I believe my mind was saying something like,

“God I don’t want to get out of bed to brush my teeth. I just want to keep sleeping.”

And then it went,

“I wish I wanted to brush my teeth. How would that feel?”

And I proceeded to pretend like an actress that all I wanted to do in the whole wide world was get out of the cozy bed, put my feet on the carpet and walk myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I even pretended to look forward to the feeling of cold water.

The result was rather amazing. It made it a lot easier to do it than when I was fighting off my loathing for leaving the coziest place in the universe.

I continued to try this with other things.

“I am going to be so nervous when my friend asks me to sing with her later.”


“I cannot WAIT to sing with my friend later. It’s going to be so fun. I am just so excited to see what happens!”

and then, even:

“I wish I never had to sing in front of anyone, ever. I don’t want friends. I don’t want to sing. I hate the whole thing!”

Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Sometimes you have to play around with extremes to see where you actually want to be.

The thing is, there are always many ways to see things. But usually we just stick with the first one. “I don’t want to do the dishes.” “I wish it was sunny out.” “I am not the kind of person that would enjoy walking in the rain, playing an open mic, dancing with a stranger, eating a salad for dinner…” anything at all. We get stuck and save time by not bothering to see things in the less familiar way.

We get these fixed notions, but what about trying for fun to see the same thing in the opposite way? And then maybe, a third way? A made-up way? A way that just reminds our brain that really, the first notion we have about the way something “is”, especially when that something is as complex and lovely as our human being selves,  is not necessarily the ideal one.

Just some thoughts for a Tuesday. I’m hoping that by continuing to do this, I’ll get through some aspects of stage fright and other patterns. Even if that doesn’t happen, the process of doing this is fun and leads to some cool perceptions. This picture, if it was moving, would display me singing in front of a new friend. So clearly, something is working.

Do you ever think about things in an opposite way just for fun?

Are you going to try it?

Do you know some of your most solid beliefs or ideas that you wish could change but you are just positive that they won’t?

Do you remember being different than how you are now, and wondering if life would ever change?

I hope your week is going well!




2 thoughts on “Harness Your Inner Opposite Day!

  1. Very interesting post! Really liked the idea of generating a positive mind to overcome anxiety, negativeness and the general want to not do something.
    In regards to your 1st question, I have learnt that often thinking negatively helps. For instance – thought I’d get bad grades – acquired my highest ones yet. Thought I wouldn’t be accepted into Melbourne University – and I was.
    With regards to your 3rd question, I think that sometimes due to repetitious feelings and past experiences, an imbedded notion of some things not changing from better to worse is generated. In regards to your last question, I do remember being a little more positive, however, I believe that perhaps as some people grow older, the professional environment, the number of duties one needs to accomplish and fears of economical issues inevitably causes stresses to appear which may fracture the original positive sentiments and make people act rationally rather than positively.
    Perhaps I should think more positively though…’I really want to edit that 212 page manuscript.’ Nope, not working!
    Also, I really enjoyed that song of yours – was soothing and very easy listening; very good way to start the morning. 😀

    • Haha, it may not be as easy as just thinking the words that are positive. It’s like you have to play a mind trick and make yourself pretend you are truly excited to edit it, and then make pretend that you absolutely despise it even more than you currently do, and then it sort of stretches the muscle of perception and you are free to sort of dislike it, but still to see that it is possible on some level or in a parallel universe to be looking forward to editing the 212 page manuscript. But it does definitely work better on little teeny things that are not quite as daunting 🙂
      I hope your morning goes fabulously!
      I’m glad you liked the song! I’m thinking maybe I’ll do one like that in more posts, especially if it relates to the post content. Then it’s not like it has to be played, but it could be!

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