I have to edit this page every few months, it seems. Right now, I am technically unemployed. I’m going to sell jewelry in Austin and keep playing open mics, hopefully someday playing for tips. Freelance writing may make its way into my employment again as well.

My educational background is in psychology, Buddhist studies, massage therapy, herbalism and other forms of alternative medicine.

This blog is a meeting ground for all of my disciplines, except really for songwriting, which can be found at the Soundcloud link below.

Coming soon will be a list of published works on this page. They will appear in:

The Mindful Word

Spotlight on Recovery Magazine

Milk Sugar Journal

And the list will surely grow.

Long ago I told a psychic that I wanted to save people by building homeless shelters. She told me that I should write, and that my words would help more people than building shelters.

This blog is where I’ve been finding my voice for the past year. I welcome you to join me in seeing the world through new lenses so that we might let go of the things that we no longer need.

Thanks for joining me here.

Songs can be found here:


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jennifer, I nominated your blog for a Best Moments Award. This badge is for those who beautifully capture the essence of this moment of life, and your blog is perfect for this award! I do pray you have the time to update it more often… Here are the details: http://wp.me/p2x7VR-p9

  2. Hi Jennifer, I’m sorry to write this in a public thread but I wonder if I could ask a favour?

    I’m currently working on publishing an advice book, on things that intellectual/open minded/well-travelled individuals of our generation around the world have observed and come to realise in life. It doesn’t simply have to be advice though; it could be a letter to your younger self, bullet points on what you think is important to bear in mind for happiness or just one sentence on what makes a life. Those are just a few possible options, but it could literally be anything you want, it could even be a picture.

    I know that you’re currently very busy with your own life and personal projects right now, so there’s not deadline, it’s whenever you can do it. If you think it’s something you’d like to be involved in then please let me know!

    Alva Pratt

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