Jumping Through Hoops

You guys know how I love metaphors.

I jokingly posted one of these dog hoop pictures on Enjoy Life’s Facebook Page a few minutes ago, and realized that there is really a deeper thing to look at here.

A lot of people I’ve talked to recently are hung up on the hoops they have to jump through to accomplish their goals. Maybe it’s a business license they have to apply for, a massage test they have to take, a form they have to fill out or a phone call they have to make. We don’t like the hoops.

The work I’ve been doing lately has to do with relating to those feelings differently. Even if I feel like I don’t want to do something, when I am connected with the value of that action and leaving room for the thoughts, feelings and urges that may arise that make me want to not do it, it helps me to get it done and to feel accomplished and fulfilled.

Looking at the hoops differently can maybe help to get through them if we choose, and we might just enjoy the brief moment of flight we experience as we do so. Plus the sun might be shining and maybe there is grass under our bare feet.

Sometimes a mental picture helps to remember stuff. Which is why there is this:


A new acoustic song about how sometimes it’s good to have some hardship to create magical things, or something like that 🙂 http://soundcloud.com/starshipjenerprise/my-boat-by-jennifer-stuart

Do you have any fun hoops you jumped through recently? 🙂

Hope you are well!